Keep It Holy

Three little words.

Holy – backbone, character, the ability to not budge under pressure, staying true to oneself.

Keep – hold on to, possess, don’t let go, don’t let slip, maintain.

It – When  someone works hard, does a good job and steps back to admire his work, to enjoy his work, to get satisfaction out of what has been accomplished, to reap the benefits of the labor, to stop cooking and start eating, to stop building a house and to start living in it, to finish sewing a garment and the start wearing it.    That is the IT.

I find that when I have worked hard, I have a tendency to want to reward myself.  I want to start doing IT.  That is when I am most susceptible to letting my hair down, to compromising my good intention, to not keeping IT holy.  The enemy knows that when I am tired and satisfied, I am more prone to indulge and use IT in some little way that I would resist when I am creating for IT, or planning for IT or am focused on achieving IT.

I find that IT is hard to keep holy. Money is part of the issue.  It disconnects the IT from the working for IT.  I sew a garment, but do I wear it?  No!  I sell it.  Then what can I do with the money?  I can buy someone else’s IT.  I can get satisfaction out of someone else’s labor.

It is possible to exchange my healthy, good labor during a moment of weakness for something that I would never consider making for myself.

With so many ITs out there, how can I keep IT true to my character, to my life goals, to my sense of what is good?

It is a challenge!

Perhaps that is why God encourages us to REMEMBER TO KEEP IT HOLY.

And now you know the REST of the story.

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