A Vote of Confidence

Campaigns are gearing up again.  What does the Scripture say about what we are to DO concerning our leaders?

  1. Jesus Christ has been placed in authority above all other authorities both in the heavens and on the earth.  Is He even now exercising that authority?
  2. There is no authority except by God.   Does that mean that God is the one who ultimately determines who will be president?

Why do those who profess to believe the above spend so much time trying to persuade people how to vote in an election?

  1.  In the U.S. of A, “We the people” are the  highest authority.  It is our responsibility and moral obligation under God to ‘elect’ a godly leader.  (This is the best answer that I have heard but does it have scriptural foundation?)
  2. In regards to leaders what does the Scripture tell us to DO?
    1.  Vote once every 4 years?
    2.  Actively participate in the process of establishing our leaders?
    3.  Pray for our leaders?  How often?
  3. Doesn’t God use our ‘efforts’ to get the man He decided on into office?  If so, what are the ‘efforts’ that He asks us to DO.

Have the candidates that you voted for in the previous presidential elections always actually been elected?  Most likely not.

Have all the presidents that God determined to be president been elected?  Undoubtably, yes.

Does that mean that we sometimes vote against God’s choice; against God’s will?  Something to consider.

So when we vote, do we say, never-the-less not my will but thine be done?   Is voting then our wrestling in the garden of Gethsemane?   Or is praying for the leader our wrestling?  If we truly believe that God will show us who to vote for, do we vote for that person even though it is not our will but His?  Can we distinguish between the two?  What does ‘lean not on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him’ mean?  Does it mean, ‘my understand would say to vote for A, but since I cannot trust my own understanding, I will rest in the fact that He chose B?’  At this point, how do I view B?

Does God tell us to choose a president or to pray for the president that He chooses?

Is it hypocritical to judge those who do not vote for our leaders, which God does not require, when we do not continually pray for our leaders, which God does ‘require’?

What ‘moves’ God’s hand?  Our vote?  Our prayers?

Perhaps we could say, our prayers move God’s hand.  God’s hand moves our vote.  How does it?

When we vote for the non-winner, does that influence the actions of the winner?  For the better or the worse?

Does God deserve our vote of confidence with regarding His establishing the leaders in our land?  Can we trust Him to set up the leader that will set the climate for the administration of His grace?  Or is He just giving us what we deserve? or both?

Isn’t prayer just a waste of time, shouldn’t we really do something?  Like vote?

In other countries the people have no choice in the matter.  Are they without recourse?  What is their recourse?  We are told to pray for our leaders, no matter what temporal agency brought them to office.  Whether they are voted in or forcibly installed, our recourse is to pray for them.  How do we view that recourse?  Is it mighty in tearing down strongholds?

My understanding tells me to vote, but I acknowledge that He tells me to pray.  He will direct my path.

Do we say, voting is my tiny way in which I can participate?  Isn’t prayer my super abundant large way in which I can participate?

P.S.  Voting is a peaceful way of setting up rulers.  Is it really?  Have you followed the campaign so far?  Which is more powerful or destructive, the tongue or the sword?  Should we participate in other means to set up rulers?  Where is the line drawn?  “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary …”  When is necessary, necessary?


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